The Great Pyrenees is a wonderful breed with an ancestry that dates back around ten thousand  years to dogs who originated in Asia minor. This ancient sheep-guarding breed came from the Pyrenees mountains on the borders of France and Spain and has been traced as far back as 3000 BC.

These beautiful white dogs flourish in cold weather.  As a large breed the average height is between 27 to 32 inches for a male and 25 to 29 inches for a female.  Great Pyrenees should be between 100 to 160 pounds for a male and 85 to 115 pounds for a female.

Our beloved breed is known as gentle, affectionate, hardworking and independent. He is both protective and devoted to his family. The Great Pyrenees love to do their job which is evident by the regal way they carry themselves. In addition, the breed has a unique ability to distiguish a threat from a helpless child or pet that they instinctively protect.

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