When we moved to our 35 acres in the mountains, we quickly discovered we were over run with coyotes and the occasional bobcat. I feared for my six year old son, my mother, my goats and our shepherd. We had an older great pyrenees female given to us and as we researched the breed and fell in love with her, we chose to get a male pyrenees pup. It seemed hard to imagine that our fluffy couch potato could become our guardian but he surely did. Once Sampson matured, he worked with his older female companion and it was amazing. They knew their job, patrolling our property at night, sleeping near the house in the day. They were gentle with our other animals and so affectionate with our son. We could hear them working and as our male matured the once close and fearless coyotes howled from a distance. They are a unique combination as a sweet family companion and a fierce guardian. Can't live without them. Stephanie Gawle

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